Bernina 990
Bernina AG
User Experience Unification
A sewing machine evolution that outperforms its competitors.
Meticulously crafted
What began as a simple request to redesign several icons for a new generation of Bernina sewing machines has evolved into a comprehensive journey towards a unified user interface design.
Sleek and stylish
Since 2012, we have been continually working on a holistic design system to achieve a corporate-wide, consistent user experience throughout the Bernina product catalog.
Project Overview
Now, the new top-of-the-line Bernina 990 sets a new standard for modern home sewing and embroidery machines. The Bernina 990 is the logical successor to the Bernina portfolio, a machine that has been redesigned to improve user-friendliness while keeping the Bernina heritage in mind, packed with many new, unseen features in the market.
Bernina 990 App
Bernina 990 User Interface
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Precise user feedback from experts, dealers, and most importantly, users themselves, along with technical requirements, led us to a clear conceptual starting point. Building on Bernina's strong heritage, well-known for its highest standards of quality, we were challenged to balance the design system to create a scalable and long-lasting corporate user interface architecture.
To unlock the complete potential of user interfaces on embedded systems, we have developed a unique toolchain that optimizes visual quality and rendering performance, perfectly tailored to the target architecture. This ensures the users' confidence despite the inherent complexity of sewing machines.
Our aim is to enhance the user interface ecosystem by moving away from fixed screens and towards seamless interaction on mobile devices, while maintaining consistent on-board interfaces. We strive to integrate new creative potential for current and future Bernina customers.
Bernina 990 Quilting
Bernina 990 Production


As new technologies emerge, we strive to identify and adapt to these opportunities to enhance the overall user experience: seamlessly moving from embedded interfaces towards an orchestrated mobile ecosystem.