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Realizing customer driven design in a highly automated production chain: We've built a company for that.
Meticulously crafted
In 2017, we were presented with a remarkable opportunity: the chance to acquaint ourselves with one of Germany's most intriguing metalworking establishments – Arnold AG. Since 100 years, the Arnold AG boasts a wide spectrum of expertise, ranging from crafting high-precision, intricate assemblies for industrial clientele to crafting bespoke metal sculptures for today's most renowned artists.
Sleek and stylish
Following several visits and the cultivation of mutual respect for each other's expertise, we embarked on a collaborative journey that led to the inception of our start-up: Lasery. Our core concept revolved around producing tailor-made, affordable steel products – unique creations crafted to order via an exceptionally automated production chain.
Project Overview
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Lasery's digital business model not only opens up the possibility for customers to configure products according to their wishes, but also to realize their own ideas in a market-driven product. Entirely in the spirit of Industry 4.0.
Prof. Dr. Gisela Lanza, Institute Director Production Systems, KIT Karlsruhe
With impressive swiftness, we conceived a range of products and offered them through our very own webshop. Within the webshop, we integrated a custom-built 3D online configurator capable of generating machine data, which we could seamlessly incorporate into the manufacturing process. Every facet of our business – from product design and production to logistics, marketing, and customer support – was meticulously managed in-house.
Although we successfully orchestrated this intricate operation and transformed Lasery into a profitable enterprise, we made the difficult decision to close shop in December 2023 and refocus our energies on other endeavors. Our profound commitment to local production, equitable wages for our workforce, responsible sourcing of materials, and the pursuit of unparalleled product quality could not compete with the economies of scale offered by larger furniture manufacturers, particularly in these times of financial uncertainty. Still, we are very proud to have taken this exceptional chance to challenge ourself and gain fundamental knowledge in the field of mass customizable product design.
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Despite the conclusion of this venture, it has enriched us with invaluable lessons. As we reflect on this journey, we are reminded of the wise words of Henry Ford, the man who brought those iconic cars to life in the past: "The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing."