Bernina 990
Makery Labs
Unstable Diffusion
The fusion of human creativity and cutting edge AI image processing.
Meticulously crafted
Unstable Diffusion – an experimental artificial intelligence (AI) installation in collaboration with and exhibited in our studios in Hamburg.
Sleek and stylish
The installation consists of two parts: an input prompting machine and an output display that magically merges prompt and people into stunning, artificially blended live video streams.
Project Overview
This installation serves as a blueprint for transitioning into the early days of AI, not only from a technological standpoint, but also by observing human interactions with an understanding of the power of AI.
Bernina 990 App
Bernina 990 User Interface
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The Prompt Machine, a retro-futuristic interface running on a high-end CRT monitor, asks for prompts describing a better self, resulting in a wide range of emotional depth and diverse descriptions of alter egos, all stored in a database for further use.
Based on Stable Diffusion XL Turbo and ComfyUI, this interactive installation renders mixed reality streams in no time. The translation from a single user to a group of people is completely seamless: this allows for even more complex and impressive results.
Moments of mixed reality and blended personalities can be captured and printed out by a press of a button. Freezing frames of a starting and exciting technological decade opens a new discourse on social responsibilities, business opportunities, and human evolution.
Bernina 990 Quilting
Bernina 990 Production


From a technical perspective, it's impressive how quickly such a complex system can be build and operated, but it's even more impressive how quickly humans can adapt to these fundamental new technologies and visual inputs.